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so me and a few mates did mushrooms at the weekend and i’ve gotta say, i think they’ve replaced mandy as my favourite mind altering substance (not counting mary jane cos she’ll always be my number one girl)

we didnt take nearly as much as we should have, but i think for a first time with them it was a nice trip. sean and jordan (being less able in the drug handling department) were tripping out much more than me and matt but i still really enjoyed it

i sort of have a new perspective now, i feel much happier about life and very much at peace with myself and everthing else.

we went for a walk to this viaduct in hanwell, and it was so lovely (i’d been there before on an MD night with matt and it was peng then too). Then me and jordan found this place that looked like dagobah and went exploring.

on the walk back we must have looked like absolute nutters it was great. Then we all started coming down and bunned a few and talked about our trip.

also we were pretending to be dinosaurs at one point…

needless to say, i’ll definitely be doing them again when i have the money to get as much as i’d need to have a really good trip. 

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  1. eddhoot said: i feel mutch sadness right now i was not invited :(
  2. bringbackthedinosaurs said: NICE, did you do the tea? How did you take them. I bet you petted a few tress huh?
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